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Find the best all in one printers of 2020 and dramatically improve your home or office efficiency all at once. In 2020, we sometimes have the impression that all our data is digital. Email and text have degraded the value of printers largely, but you don’t realize how useful a printer can be until you need it and have to run to a photocopy dealer to do the job. work. Printers continue to be a necessity for most offices and a useful tool for most homes.

And all the printing services you could possibly need are provided by printers at increasingly affordable prices. If you’re looking for the best all in one printer, you’ve come to the right place. CopyAway has got all in one printer reviews for 11 of the best 2020 models along with a step-by-step guide to help walk you through the buying process.

The best All in one Printers:


1.HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One

The OfficeJet Pro 6978 is a kind of Goldilocks all in one. This HP printer does not have the power to meet the high-volume needs of large offices, and the presence of some high-end features will likely be lost on users who only need an occasional user interface for their work. home, but for a small business or home office that needs to do a moderate amount of printing, scanning and copying, this is arguably the best all in one printer in the world.

But small business users will appreciate the fact that this all-in-one Inkjet printer is eligible for the automated ink delivery services of HP printers, and the inclusion of an automatic document feeder capable of anti-duplexing is. a useful convenience and surprisingly rare to have incorporated. The wireless options of the HP printer are also great, as they allow you to easily control all of your printing settings from your laptop, tablet or phone.

Benifits of HP OfficeJet Best All In One Printers
  • Support for HP Instant Ink and Amazon Dash replenishment
  • Most useful network functions are scan to email
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and 24/7 support
  • The color touchscreen is intelligently designed and navigation is easy

2.Epson WorkForce ET-4750 EcoTank Wireless


Epson calls its printer the “Supertank”, a name that suits fairly serious equipment. The print quality is significantly higher than one would expect from a printer in this price range, and the running costs are very low. If you are using this printer for a small business, you should quickly recoup your costs on the printer through printing costs alone. It’s a bit slower than many of its counterparts, but it should be enough to get the job done in smaller workplaces.

But despite the print quality, this multifunction printer doesn’t look like a tank. It may sport a boxy silhouette, but it is lightweight and modest in size, so it can sit comfortably in the living room of your home or in a smaller home office. It even comes with two years of ink in the box.


Benifits of Epson WorkForce Best All In One Printers
  • Produces results of incredible quality
  • Auto-shut off ink bottles dramatically reduce ink usage
  • The screen uses an easy-to-use, simple-tap or swipe navigation system.
  • Integrated fax functionality

3.Canon TS9120 Wireless All in One Printer

The Canon TS9120 is built with the needs of the modern consumer in mind. This means that it is accessible from any device you might need. AirPrint compatibility is built in to meet the needs of Apple users, and users who have purchased the Google ecosystem can use their proprietary Cloud Print feature. It’s easy to print directly from social media accounts like Twitter, and the ability to connect with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi improves ease of use.

And this printer scanner is fast. Whether you want to scan your favorite family photos or make beautiful color copies, you can count on blazingly fast speeds, at least for the price of $ 200. The TS9120 uses six individual ink cartridges, and while it ends up costing you more in the long run, the result is brighter and more vivid, especially when printing photos.

Benefits of Canon TS9120 Best All In One Printers
  • A great choice for a home or small business
  • Very fast scanning and color printing speed
  • Wide range of color depth
  • Easy connectivity with a variety of devices


4.HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 Wireless All in One Printer

The HP 9025 might cost two and a half times as much as the 6978, but the upgrade comes with a lot of useful features that will be worth it for a dedicated desktop environment. Smart Tasks allow you to automate printing with a number of popular software platforms, and you can also print remotely using the HP Smart app. A number of security functions are also present.

But it’s not just the features that make the HP 9025 a wireless all in one printer. It also offers shovel performance. Automatic document feeding, printing and scanning are all blazingly fast, and two-sided printing is automated too. Quality is a bit lacking compared to other printers in this line, but this speed along with low printing costs makes it a great choice if your office regularly needs to print bulk documents.

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  • Self-healing WiFi dramatically reduces internet disconnection problems
  • Easy sync with Google Drive, QuickBooks, and more
  • Password protection, WiFi security and encryption
  • Scanned documents are converted into searchable files

5.Canon PIXMA TR8520 Wireless All In One Printer

With the TR8520, Canon has built a phenomenal all-in-one printer for home use. Not only is it economical, but it offers much better performance than a 100 euro model. It can handle everything from text documents to highly detailed photos with aplomb, but will be better suited to households due to the relatively low volume print speeds it supports.

To replace the MX922, Canon has made a conscious effort to produce a more portable all-in-one printer. Its small dimensions allow it to fit in relatively tight spaces, but Canon still managed to integrate a duplex ADF into this compact all-in-one printer. It also offers support for Bluetooth as well as Google Cloud Printing and Apple AirPrint.

Benifits of Canon PIXMA Best All In One Printers
  • Numerous connection possibilities for mobile devices
  • High quality color reproduction for a modest price
  • Duplex ADF with space for 20 pages
  • Memory card supports up to 250 pages in the queue


6.Brother MFC-J5945DW 4-in-1 Multifunction Pro Printer

If you are looking for an all in one printer for your home office, the INKvestment is designed exclusively around your needs. Like the Supertank, it uses tanks rather than traditional cartridges, which can save you a lot of money on printing costs in the long run. This printer strikes a great balance between quality and speed, and it offers fax capabilities in addition to the traditional trio of print, scan and copy.

But where this printer really excels is in the way it handles tabloid-style pages. If you find yourself regularly printing or copying oversized documents, you won’t find many better options than this one. Of course, supporting larger pages means a larger printer. So you will need to make sure that you have enough space in your home office to do it properly.

Benifits of Brother MFC-J5945DW Best All In One Printers
  • Brother Page Gauge lets you know when ink runs out
  • Uses refillable reservoirs rather than cartridges
  • Dash ink auto replenishment support
  • Works amazingly well with tabloid-sized documents

7. Canon Imageclass MF 635 Cx Printer / Laser

For a desktop printer, the image Class is a highly affordable model, and it produces well-above-average quality results. It’s paired with a decently fast print speed and Wi-Fi capabilities that don’t require any additions. It’s easy to print from your computer or mobile device, but this all-in-one laser printer also has a USB slot that you can use to print directly from USB drives.

With this color laser printer, connectivity is a treat right down the line. It can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and the inclusion of the app library allows you to create a personalized printing experience to suit your specific desktop and software ecosystem. A duplex feeder is also included, and scanned documents can be automatically converted to searchable content.

Benifits of Canon Imageclass Best All In One Printers
  • The touchscreen uses a smart smartphone-like interface
  • A great balance between quality and productivity
  • Short-term memory prevents loss of documents
  • A multitude of security functions accessible via the administration panel


8.Photo Epson Expression XP-8500

If you are looking to print quality photos with consistency, your needs are significantly different from those of printing multiple documents in a short period of time. The Epson Expression was designed with this in mind, and the result is one of the best all-in-one specialized printers for photos. That doesn’t mean it’s complicated. The simple “plug and play” format and intuitive design – as well as the relatively low price – make it a suitable photo printer for home use.

But it can work very well as a document printer if you don’t need a large volume. It offers a respectable print speed of 9 ppm, and while it obviously cannot compete with the more affordable document printers on the market, it falls far short of this model in terms of sharpness and quality.

Benifits of Epson Expression Best All In One Printers
  • Comes with a built-in USB port and two memory slots
  • Amazon Dash automated replenishment
  • Produces photos at speeds as fast as 10 seconds
  • Compact, fast and quiet

9.Brother monochrome multifunction laser printer

As a counterpoint to the Epson Expression, this Brother printer will excel as an all-in-one home office for documents, but it will be a poor choice for photos. In fact, it only offers monochrome prints, but it erases the competition for volume and consistency on that front. The text quality you will get from this printer is way above the norm, and this printer doesn’t sacrifice speed in the process.

The automatic document feeder can handle up to 50 pages at a time, and a generous tray can hold 250 pages for more traditional printing. And if this printer supports WiFi connection, it can also be connected directly to your router through the ethernet port. Nuance PaperPort software is included with the printer if you are looking for an easy way to manage and archive your print jobs.

Benifits of Brother monochrome Best All In One Printers
  • Support for a variety of card types and styles
  • Print on the go from tablets, phones or computers
  • Direct connection via ethernet
  • Compatible with Amazon Dash replenishment

10.Canon PIXMA TS5050

The Canon PIXMA TS5050 is an innovator in terms of connectivity. While the lack of Wi-Fi Direct and NFC is surprising on such a modern home, while being built into a printer, the support for IFTTT in the Canon Pixma is a surprising and pleasant addition. If you are won over by the idea of ​​connecting your printer to your smart home setup, this printer will really meet your needs.

It does not disappoint in terms of quality either. The Canon Pixma’s five-ink design makes it possible to produce high-quality photos across the board, and it even offers the ability to print tabloid-sized images. Faxing is also supported, and the touchscreen is both large and easy to use.

Benifits of Canon PIXMA Best All In One Printers
  • Exceptional photo reproduction
  • Smart home connectivity via IFTTT
  • Support for WiFi, Ethernet, Mopria Print and AirPrint
  • Social media printing via the Canon Print app

11. HP Envy Photo 7134 Photo Printer

The HP Envy is another photo printer, so all the usual advantages and weaknesses apply here. But if you’re a photographer or scrapbooker looking for an all in one printer that can double as a document printer, it has it all. It’s one of the best entry-level options, not only because of its low overhead, but also its low running costs. It also features a sleek and modern design that will look great in your home office.

Photos can be printed directly from an SD card, and wireless capabilities are enhanced by support for the impressive HP Smart app. Replenishment is available through HP Instant Ink or Amazon Dash.

Benifits of HP Envy Best All In One Printers
  • Print costs as low as 5 cents with HP Instant Ink
  • Direct printing via SD card slot
  • Easy setup for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Support for dedicated and configurable paper trays


Conclusion Best All in One Printer Buyer’s Guide


What exactly is an “all in one” printer?

An all in one printer that allows several different office machines to be folded into one body. This allows it to have a smaller footprint on your desktop while providing you with a single interface to handle all of your needs. This is especially useful because all of these modern printers are Wi-Fi enabled. It centralizes everything you might need in one place.

But how a manufacturer defines “everything” can vary quite a bit. All of the multifunction models you find today will work as a printer and scanner, and most offer copy functions as well. Faxing is also quite common, but it is not present in all multifunction printers. So you will need to take care to check the model specifications if it is necessary for your office.

What is the difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer?

You may have noticed that among the models that we have listed there is only one all in one laser printer. The reason for the lack of reviews for color laser printers has to do with cost and functionality. Inkjet printers are versatile printers that suit the needs of home and small offices while being scalable to meet the needs of large organizations. An all-in-one color laser printer is usually, but not always, designed for the needs of high-volume businesses.

The difference between the two comes down to the way they print. Inkjet printers use traditional ink cartridges (or, in some cases, refillable drums). A nozzle sprays ink onto the paper pixel by pixel to reproduce the image or document you seek to produce. Laser printers use colored powders which are applied to the surface of the paper and which are then adhered to it by the application of heat.

Laser printers are more serious machines, which means they are significantly larger, heavier, and more expensive than their inkjet counterparts. They also cannot compete with inkjet printers when attempting to reproduce photos. But the fact that you don’t have to replace expensive ink means that users who print high-volume documents will actually save money in the long run. Due to our focus on home consumers and the home office, we have kept the number of laser printers to a minimum.

How important is print speed?

The standard used to determine a printer’s print speed is expressed in ppm, or pages per minute. So a ppm of 10 will produce a page in about 6 seconds, whereas a ppm of 15 can do it in 4. Naturally, the ppm for photos or color documents with colored graphics will be lower than the ppm for documents. in black and white.

At the end of the day, what matters is your usage. If you are a law firm with a large staff and need to print documents in bulk, a high ppm rate will be absolutely essential. If you’re just looking to print photos for your family album or an occasional document, choosing a printer with a high ppm rate can be very handy, but probably won’t be an absolute necessity.

Wireless functionality

Support for wireless connections might not be part of the definition of an all in one printer, but it would take a long time to find a modern printer that doesn’t. They allow you to easily coordinate printing from a desktop, laptop or other device. But the versatility of wireless functions may vary from printer to printer.

Final thoughts

If you are in the market for a new printer, the year 2020 offers a large number of recommended options to choose from. Whether you run a small office or are just looking for a complete option for your home, there is something on our list that can meet your needs. And if you’re looking for a device that can print photos, be sure to check out our list of the best photo printers.

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