Best Printer For Graphic Design

Best Printer For Graphic Design In 2021

We filtered the web to track down the 8 best printer for graphic design and share our last choice in this article on CopyAway.

For a long time, we’ve been seeing a “rush to the base” pattern where printer costs are driven down. Numerous new manufacturers and (generally Chinese) producers are contending to make the least expensive printers available.

8 Best Printer For Graphic Design In 2021:


Graphic design is a complex process that takes a lot of time and thought. One component that all graphic designers are looking for is a solid printer that can capture all the details and provide realistic images. However, choosing the best printer for a graphic designer

Graphic design is a complex process that takes a lot of time and thought. One component that all graphic designers are looking for is a solid printer that can capture all the details and provide realistic images.

However, choosing the best printer for a graphic designer is not that easy. This is why we decided to search the internet to find the best printer for graphic designers. Our search ended when we found five of the best graphic design printers.


The Best Printers for Graphic Design:


1) Canon iP8720

This is an impressive photo printer(Best Printer For Graphic Design) that can print even in larger formats at 13×19, and offers greater flexibility for graphic designers. At 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution, you are sure to get clear prints every time with rich details. The printer comes with a 6-ink system (including gray), which allows you to replace ink separately and not change the entire installation as with a cartridge. It is also worth noting that the printer barely makes any noise, making it ideal even for night use.


As you would expect, this printer also comes with wireless printing enabled by default. This means you can print photos directly from your Android or iOS device. It also comes with a USB slot so you can connect a wire directly from your computer if you prefer to print your photos or documents that way.

Power efficiency is also a crucial feature here, allowing the printer to turn on automatically whenever you request printing wirelessly. This is a very simple printer that does not require any kind of expertise or knowledge to operate. However, it is still advisable to review the user guide provided to fully understand its function.


2) Epson Expression XP-8500 

This is an incredibly powerful all-in-one printer that can be of great help to graphic designers of any kind. Customers can take borderless photos up to 8 “x 10” in size, allowing you the freedom to print larger photos. It can print one standard image at 4 “x 6” in 10 seconds, which is quite impressive for a compact printer.

Thanks to the built-in USB slots and memory cards, the printer can be turned on without the need for a computer. Using the Epson Creative Print app, users can print photos wirelessly using only their smartphone or tablet.


Like most printers available today, this printer uses individual ink cartridges (6 in total), allowing you to conveniently replace each one when they run out. Thanks to Amazon Dash, you can automatically move them to your doorstep whenever you run out. The printer can also print on standard CD / DVD surfaces, if you are still interested. It is highly recommended to get this product on Amazon, as you can also get the ink pack, thus saving on future ink costs.


3) Brother HL-L8360CDW

This is a stronger offering from our best printers for graphic design, featuring a larger body that makes it more suitable for an office like atmosphere. Given its size, this printer was built for efficiency. It has a paper tray with a capacity of 250 sheets, which saves you the hassle of adding more paper frequently. Capacity can be increased up to 1,300 sheets using Brother optional trays. The reason most customers prefer Brother printers is because of the low printing costs.

The company’s 6,500-page replacement toner cartridge for this printer is a very cost-effective way to deal with your printing troubles. It can also help reduce printing costs by up to 40%.

Because we talked about efficiency, this can print up to 33 pages per minute (black), fast even by modern printing standards. Similar to the abundance of other printers we find around us, this one also allows for the renewal of Amazon Dash, and purchase toner for you whenever printing is complete.

This printer also comes with a 2.7-inch adjustable touch screen display on the front that allows you to navigate the menu or even print directly from cloud services like Dropbox. As you would expect, color options are relatively few when it comes to printers, so you are limited to accepting this offer in white. Amazon offers multiple packages with this printer, including cheap toner / ink cartridges, so be sure to check them out.


4) Canon PIXMA Pro-100

Canon’s Pixma array is very popular out there and has given the world a number of printers. This offer, however, is intended for professionals (as the name implies). It offers photo and color printing in great detail, making it an ideal fit for graphic designers.

This printer uses the Optimum Image Generating System which selects the best ink depending on the type of image you select. The print resolution is mentioned as 4800 x 2400 dpi, and offers great detail even in larger images. Replacing ink in this supply is relatively easy and you just have to look for CLI-42 ink cartridges in the color you want.


It has an automatic sheet feeder that allows you to save 150 sheets of plain paper, while there are mechanisms that also allow photo paper and other paper sizes. You can print images up to 13 “x 19” in size, allowing you to take some really large prints. This is without a doubt one of the most fascinating offerings on this list.


5) Best Printer For Graphic Design Epson XP-6000

This is a slightly lower model of the aforementioned Epson printer. However, do not let it take anything from this offer. In terms of efficiency, this printer can print standard 4 “x 6” prints in 15 seconds, which is pretty scary. It comes with A memory card slot as well as a USB slot that allows you to print media in this way.To help users navigate printer features, the company has included here a respectable 2.4-inch touch screen display.


In terms of standard document printing, this printer gives you the ability to print on both sides (duplex printing), which can significantly reduce paper costs in the long run. The best printers for graphic design are also activated with the renewal of Amazon Dash, so you can forget about buying toner or cartridges yourself

6) Canon TR9530 Best Printer For Graphic Design

A printer that supports A3 and can print business card size.

It meets all the above points and is equipped with an automatic document feeder called ADF.

It’s a function that saves time because you can scan multiple documents at once.

Since the ink tank is also a stand-alone type, you can replace each color one by one, which keeps costs down, and it is a good printer with no major complaints.

A high-spec model that can be said to be a mistake if you buy this for the time being.

Although the main unit price is a little high at the 30,000 yen level, it is a printer with a good evaluation.

7) Epson EW-452A Best Printer For Graphic Design

Epson’s EW-452A is recommended for those who find the Canon TR9530 expensive and uncomfortable.

It is a model that supports up to A4 and has the minimum necessary functions.

Although it is at a level that can be used sufficiently with basic performance, compared to the Canon TR9530 mentioned earlier, the size of the liquid crystal is small and there are parts that are a little difficult to use in terms of interface, and the ink is a little vivid and unsatisfactory with 4 colors.

8) Canon G3310 Best Printer For Graphic Design

Next is Canon’s G3310 printer.

After all, running cost is important when choosing a printer. It’s the ink cost.

Regarding this ink cost, the larger the capacity, the better the cost performance and the lower the running cost.

This printer called G3310 claims an oversized tank, and the cost performance is insanely good.

While the cost per sheet for general monochrome printing is 6.5 yen, it is overwhelmingly cheap at 0.3 yen, and because of its large capacity, the frequency of ink replacement is low.

However, it is only compatible with Windows, not mac OS.

If your computer is Windows, you may consider it.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best Printer For Graphic Design:

  • Best printer for graphic design must have a scanner
  • Ink cost is relatively cheap
  • Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) compatible
  • Higher quietness


Conclusion About Best Printer For Graphic Design:

There are some that can be purchased for a few thousand yen, but there are a lot of dissatisfaction with the specifications and there are few good ones, so I think it is better to choose the best printer for graphic design in this price range.

I hope you find it helpful.

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