How to Chose an external hard drive in 2021?


Choosing an external drive is not a big issue if you are clear in mind about the targeted application. To help you chose an External Drive CopyAway is at your service here is a complete guide regarding choosing an external hard drive

For TV Recording:


When choosing an external Hard drive for TV recording, we recommend a model with excellent quietness. If the product uses a “fanless design” or “vibration-proof damper”, the driving noise caused by long-time recording or playback can be minimized, so you can enjoy TV content quietly even in the bedroom.

Also, if you have limited installation space, don’t forget to check the size of the main unit.


External Hard Drive For PC:


When purchasing an external Hard Drive for your computer, check the supported OS. Most models can be used with Windows OS PCs, but you should be aware that they may not be compatible with Mac OS. Also, for those who usually carry a computer, the portable type is recommended. Check the size and weight, and choose the one that will not be a burden to carry.


External Hard Drive For PS4 / PS5:


If you are looking for an external Hard Drive for PS4 / PS5, check the capacity. Since the data size changes depending on the number of saved game contents, it is recommended to select as much as possible. As a guide, let’s calculate as 50GB per game software. In addition, verify that the external Hard Drive is capable of fast transfers. If the model is slow, it will take time to start the game and load the save data. Furthermore, if you want to save the data with peace of mind, please select the one that has completed the operation.


Check Capacity:


The capacity of the external Hard Drive varies depending on the model. The larger the capacity, the higher the price, but recently the price has been lowered and it is easier to purchase even the large capacity model. If you mainly save document files and images, we recommend a portable type of about 1TB.

If you want to keep a backup in case of PC trouble, we recommend the 2 to 3 TB stationary model. Many models tend to have fast reading speeds and excellent cost performance. Check the large-capacity model when using it for recording TV programs or saving videos. Select according to the image quality and the length of the video to be saved.


Check supported OS:


When purchasing an external hard drive, make sure that it is compatible with the OS you are using. The supported file system differs depending on the OS type, so if you purchase a model that is not compatible with the OS you are using, you will need to reformat it. Check the OS of your computer and the specifications of the external Hard drive.


Check the connection Terminal:


The most standard type for connecting an external Hard drive is the type that uses a USB cable. The advantage is that you can easily connect by simply connecting the cable. However, please note that the data transfer speed differs depending on the USB standard. USB2.0 is 480Mbps and USB3.0 is 5Gbps, so if you want to exchange data smoothly, USB3.0 is recommended. However, it has the advantage of being reasonably priced.

Recommended for those who value cost and those who do not move data frequently. In addition, the model connected by Thunderbolt is theoretically capable of 40 Gbps data transfer, which is even faster than the USB3.0 model. Since there is no front and back of the terminal, it is also a point that you can connect and disconnect the cable without stress.


Check “Mirroring function” for backup:


Many external Hard drives equipped with two or more recording media have a “mirroring function”. It is a function that can save the same data on two Hard drives in the main body, which is convenient when using it for backup. Even if one of the HDDs breaks down due to trouble, you can rest assured that the backup is doubled. Check it if you want to save important data or if you purchase a large-capacity model with two or more HDDs built-in.

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