Best Pigment Ink Printers Buying Guide In 2021

Pigment Ink Printer

Why visit the printing press or photo studio when you can make the same professional-style prints in the comfort of your home and office? If you want to buy the best printer for pigment inks out there, you need to make sure that it has all the features below!

Individual Ink Tank System

Pigment ink printers have a number of ink tanks, and both the printing quality and color intensity depend on this valuable resource.

Multiple ink tanks are necessary for getting the right amount of detailing on your photos besides ensuring the fact that they stay true to color. On top of that, better quality ink cartridges make outstanding color permanency possible and boost their archive life.

Individual ink systems could be the sole reason as to why you should buy a pigment ink printer in the first place. If a single color cartridge runs out, you can replace only that specific color.

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 has a Dash Replenishment feature that monitors and orders extra ink over Wi-Fi when a color is running out.

Color Resolution

Pigment ink printers usually support a top-notch resolution. They use a sophisticated imaging technology identifying the best suited tonal gradations on different types of papers. You can also choose the dpi, which is basically how many dots the print heads will put in an inch.

Canon PIXMA PRO-10 has the Optimum Image Generating (OIG) system for deciding the perfect ink mixture. At first, a good printer will have to produce pitch black texts that dry fast and don’t smudge when the sheets are stacked up over one another.

If you have a pigment ink printer for professional use, go for a Canon Pixma printer or the IP8720 that has a maximum 96200×2400 color dpi. A high resolution undoubtedly calls for better detailing and richer color on printed photos.

You might choose a 4800 dpi printer, which also makes cool, phenomenal prints. Higher-end printers wrap up the printing task in a short time while producing the same brilliant colors might take twice the time. 

Borderless Photo Printing

The best thing about pigment printers is that they can print borderless photos in various sizes starting from 4″×6″ and all the way up to 13″×19″. Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer supports 4 different sizes up to 8.5″×11″.

Although it prints up to 14 high-quality color photos in just one minute, we are sold on Epson’s other two models- SureColor P600 and SureColor P400.

The first one does a great job with 3 dedicated black inks for printing phenomenal b&w photos while the P400 amazed us with a whopping 129″ panorama with marvelous color pallets.

Additional Features

The best pigment ink printers will have some extra features for making your experience as hassle-free as possible. For starters, almost every pigment printer has an automatic double-sided printing feature that saves your paper use.

If you are also concerned with energy consumption, go for WorkForce WF-7210 or WF-7710 with a 35-page auto document feeder and an 11″×17″ scanner bed.

Lastly, a good pigment ink inkjet printer will have broad connectivity over mobile and computer applications, Wi-Fi, cable, Ethernet, etc. It will have a rear tray for specialty papers and, most importantly, support a multiple of paper types such as A4, A3, A3+, different sized glossy and matte photo papers, artboards, etc.

Benefits of Using Printer That Uses Pigment Inks

“What is a pigment ink printer good for?” is a question we hear everywhere. Because let’s face it, they are still not that common. But pigment ink printers are toppling the laser printers in terms of technology, colorfastness, wide paper compatibility, and ease of use. Up next, we are highlighting their top features below.

Best for Archival Use

Even the cheapest pigment ink printer will have more shelf life than dye-based ink. Pigment ink cartridges are marvelous when it comes to storing important documents for long-term purposes. The printed papers won’t smudge or feel damp from ink to the touch.

Withstands UV Exposure

Pigment inks don’t fade under UV exposure. The prints successfully withstand the damaging effects of direct sunlight better than dye-based prints.

Color Stability

Pigment inks work the best with matte or semi-gloss papers compared to their dyed alternatives. Dye-based inks have more vibrant colors, but they cannot produce black texts as deep as those printed with pigment ink cartridges. Side by side, there is an almost unrecognizable difference.

Water-Resistant Ink

We all know how dye-based inks can sometimes disperse all over the paper when water is spilled. It happens largely to regular paper intended for office use. That said, pigment ink printers are the safest for printing office documents. They also dry instantly!

People Also Asked (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding a pigment printer:

Can I use pigment ink in my old printer?

If you use pigment ink cartridges in a dye-based printer, the pigments will soon clog its inkjets and damage the delicate parts inside. Use the recommended ink and paper for your printer type to get consistent prints.

Does printing high-resolution photos consume more ink?

Your inkjet printer’s ink consumption doesn’t actually depend on resolution; rather, it depends on the quality of the paper you’re using. Low-density papers cannot take large ink drops for quality control issues. Higher resolution on the same paper means less ink usage because the printer will be using smaller drops.

On the other hand, the same resolution on a photo paper will consume more ink because it can receive a richer color intensity.

Why is my pigment ink printer printing inconsistently?

Your pigment ink printer might be facing ink leveling issues in the ink tanks. A uniform ink height is necessary to print photos that stay true to color. It also depends on your printer’s image analysis and execution system.

However, use only the compatible ink brands and paper types, as mentioned in the manual for the best results.

Is pigment ink better than dye?

Although dyes are cheaper than pigment ink cartridges, the latter delivers a smudge-free and water-resistant print that holds up for long years.

How can I connect my pigment ink printer to Wi-Fi?

If your printer has a touchscreen, you will find the Wi-Fi option right away. If not, press the button that says Wi-Fi or Wireless. After that, find your Wi-Fi routers’ WPS button and press it. When the connection is automatically established, the Wi-Fi light on the printer will turn solid.

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