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Top 10 Best Shipping Label Printer

LabelWriter 4XL thermal label printer and Rollo commercial grade label printer will be the two best shipping label printer

Be sure the label printer you choose has everything you need, regardless of whether it’s commercial grade or a budget option.

The printer you have chosen is compatible with all the computers you plan to use?

Does it publish the correct size of tags?

How fast is this impression?

All of these aspects are what you might want to listen to as you go through each recording.

The 10 best shipping label printers by CopyAway

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1 Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer
2 Rollo Commercial Grade Label Printer
3 Arkscan Shipping Label Printer
4 Immuson Label Printer
5 Brother QL-800 High Speed ​
6 Zebra GX420 Label Printer
7 BEEPRT Commercial Grade Thermal Label Printer
8 Fangtek Shipping Label Printer
9 Meihengtong High Speed ​​Thermal Label Printer
10 MUNBYN thermal label printer


Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

One of the most popular shipping label printers:

This Dymo shipping label printer is extra-large, so you can print additional labels, like the common 415cm shipping labels that USPS and other shipping providers use. 

Customize labels on the web, then download them to the printer for automated printing.

The Dymos LabelWriter 4XL thermal label printer is a premium shipping label printer.

The quality is excellent; however, it may need to be replaced after such use.


  • Prints extra-large shipping labels
  • Over 60 professional tag templates
  • Personalize with free Dymo apps
  • Fast printing
  • Printing labels directly from the mailing platforms
  • Compatible with Dymo tampons

Commercial Grade Rollo Label Printer Best Printer for Bulk Shipping:

Thermal label printers similar to this would be best for your wallet as you will never need to buy ink or toner for your printer just like you do for different types of printers. Thermal label printers use heat on a distinctive sort of label that creates white and black labels. This commercial grade Rollo label printer can work with almost any direct thermal label. You don’t need to get expensive labeling rolls, and Rollo sells their own rolls as well.

It is a fast printer. Labels come out at 150mm / s, which is ideal for bulk transport, where you would need dozens of labels at a time.

Here is the best shipping label printer for all the demands of the majority. The commercial grade Rollo label printer prints much faster than other manufacturers, and the only real issues are a few minor quality issues, which can be fixed with a higher quality Thermal Immediate label journal.


  • Works with almost all direct thermal labels
  • High speed printing
  • Prints without ink or toner
  • Compatible with large transport platforms


The inconvenients:

  • Some beacon quality issues

Arkscan Shipping Label Printer Simple Label Printing:


Arkscan has another thermal label printer that you can use to create the best shipping labels. This printer has the advantage of being multifunctional and can handle unique label sizes and styles, for more than just shipping labels. Print product labels, barcode labels and whatever else you need, if they are under 229cm in length. Use the free software that came with this printer to create custom tags to your specifications.

Windows XP and newer working systems are fully supported by Arkscan Tag Labs and can be linked to any distribution platform on the Internet.

The Arkscan Shipping Label Printer can help you save money because it uses thermal printing rather than ink. Standard shipping labels would be best for this particular printer as it sometimes has difficulty with the fonts that are on the labels.


  • Multifunctional for several types of beacons
  • Fast printing
  • Free label creation software with printer
  • Direct thermal technology
  • Requires rolls or folded label paper


The inconvenients:

  • Does not correctly print additional Tiny fonts


Immuson Label Printer Best Warehouse Label Printer: 


Standard size shipping labels would be the most perfect for this label printer, but you can print labels up to 10cm wide. The main reason why this label printer is ideal for industrial use including store warehouses is that it can print not only shipping labels but also barcode labels, labels warehouse, as well as other large format shipping labels.

Businesses with a lot of consumers will need a labeling system like this to be able to send packages quickly and without delaying customer orders.


This Immuson label printer has the best facility for warehouse mail programs. It prints shipping labels fairly quickly. But, iOS is not compatible, only Windows operating systems.

Brother QL-800 High Speed Professional Label Printer:

Brother is a major manufacturer for all kinds of printers. Their professional high-speed label printer is ideal for offices that manage shipping.

You can use the free software provided by Brother to customize the tags or embed the printer using Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook to further customize.

This label printer has an advantage over other label printer manufacturers because it can print in black or purple.

Due to the thermal process that many label printers use (like this printer) to print shipping labels, many printers can only print in black. Luckily, this printer can also print in red. Excess color can be handy for priority lots, tricky warnings, or some other notification that may be important in distinguishing the deliveryman.

The Brother QL-800 high speed professional label printer is definitely professional, because of its ability to print in black or red, instead of just black, the label printer is much better than most other alternatives.



  • Dark or black labels
  • Customizing Labels with the Free Brother Apps
  • Fast printing
  • No toner or ink needed
  • Cheap


The Inconvenients:

  • Not with Etsy
  • Not friendly with Mac iOS


Zebra GX420 Label Printer Printing Home Shipping Labels:

Running a web-based business from home takes a lot of work. Unfortunately, sending products to customers can take up to half of your time due to the complex process essential to sending a finished product.

Buying a label printer is one of the best things you can do to shorten the delivery process, as you will have the ability to print personalized labels right from the office without having to go to the store or the office. post Office.

When using the label printer, you can then have the packages picked up at the door in case your preferred delivery provider offers this assistance.

The Zebra GX420 Label Printer is quite expensive, but it will help you save money when you use it to print labels at home.


The inconvenients:

  • Expensive


Reliable Label Printer For Commercial Grade Label Printer:


The manufacturer notes that when using this label printer on a Mac operating system, you need to manually register a label size every time you print as it does not register automatically. You can also enjoy this printer in Windows, but Windows has an auto-save feature.

There is only one button at the very top of the printer, and that is the power button. Otherwise, all label work and customization comes out of your personal computer and sends it to the label printer for printing.

It is possible to install a label printer on your desktop and simply use it when needed.


Features BEEPRT Commercial Grade Thermal Label Printer

This BEEPRT commercial grade label printer is a great buy. It is durable and prints high quality labels. It’s a decent cost, but not too expensive for what it is, and there’s no

  • compatibility limitation.
  • Compatible with most programs
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • High speed printing
  • A button


Fangtek Shipping Label Printer Standard Label Printing:


The Fangtek Shipping Label Printer includes a layout that prevents jams that are so common with additional label printers. There is also no ink required as it uses thermal printing to create shipping labels.

It is a little less expensive than other alternatives because it is not a high end manufacturer, but it will make some nice labels.

Since the printer is multifunctional, it is possible to create more than one type of label, including shipping, mass mailing, warehouse, barcode, ID and FBA labels .

Fangtek shipping label printer is normal for shipping label printing. The brand is not high quality or well known, but it works for basic purposes.


Meihengtong High Speed Thermal Label Printer:


Meihengtong is also a well-known new printer manufacturer. But this printer has almost everything. Thermal printing technique ensures that you will never need ink or toner, which is exactly the same for any shipping label printer that uses direct thermal technology.

You can take advantage of this printer using Windows operating systems, but you cannot use it with Macs. It joins the USB.

Shipping labels print fairly quickly at 152mm / s, so it doesn’t waste time and also helps you speed up the delivery process.

You can use this shipping label printer at home, in a small organization, or in a warehouse; virtually anywhere you need to frequently send bulk batch orders, you can use a shipping label printer like this.


Meihengtong High Speed Thermal Label Printer

The Meihengtong high speed thermal label printer has all the ideal features for fast label printing. Its only flaw is that it has no compatibility with Mac iOS.

  • Printing engineering labels
  • Compatible with Windows
  • USB link
  • High speed printing
  • No ink or toner needed
  • Prevents overheating


MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer The Complete Set Of Shipping Label Printer:


This label printer is among the safest choices because of its features. Every 5 minutes, the printer stops printing to prevent overheating. Even if a label printer works perfectly, safety features like this are essential so that direct thermal heating does not damage the printer.

Whenever a system has security features, it should be a high quality indicator.

It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and you can also print directly into the delivery app you use. It’s possible to read further in this merchandise to find out if your specific version of Windows is approved, but the latest variations are fine. Make sure to double check compatibility when you have a Mac.

This shipping label printer is expensive, but it prints labels quickly, so it’s well worth the money you spend.

Unfortunately, if you do not have the ability or understanding of the computer component of label creation, it can be difficult to use the printer. Installation is difficult for men and women who are new to using computers, but if you are, there’s no need to worry.


The MUNBYN thermal label printer is flexible and has exceptional compatibility. Although not exactly user-friendly, the printer performs well.

  • High speed label printing
  • Compatible with operating systems
  • Automatically test labels
  • Multifunctional
  • Automated label identification


Conclusion Top 10 Best Shipping Label Printer:


Whichever label printer you choose to use, make sure it has everything you want. It might be a shame to buy an expensive label printer and later find out that it is not compatible with your PC.

Depending on your installation, shipping batches will take a few minutes or hours. Shipping label printers save excessive time by not using just one, and you will benefit. Get one now before you waste time in the transport stores.


Frequently Asked Questions


It can be difficult to select the best shipping label printer to purchase.

There are many alternatives, and the majority of them are extremely similar. Remember to stick with all the top rated shipping label printers shown in this list and then read these frequently asked questions as they may answer some of the questions that came to your mind during the study of these label printers.


How To Get Labels Published For All Carriers?

You can print personalized shipping labels for any carrier at home. Purchase one of these shipping label printers and connect it to your home or business computer.

How To Choose The Best Shipping Label Printer?

While they all almost look the same, a few shipping label printers are much better for industrial use than for a small home business.

Your business or department size will influence the printer you choose. This Dymo LabelWriter 4XL thermal label printer is one of the best shipping label printers due to its quality and performance.

Is there a label printer compatible with eBay?

  • Immuson Label Printer
  • Zebra GX420 Label Printer

Can regular printers print label sheets?

Some normal home printers say that they can  but you will need a particular type of paper.

For sending bulk orders, a shipping label printer can save time because it prints much faster than printers or requires extensive setup each time before printing.


Could you paste a shipping label?

That’s right, you can stick a shipping label on your package. But, once you’re able to print labels with peel-off glue on the opposite side, it makes things a lot easier.

When you use these shipping label printers, they also include a list of pre-cut sterile shipping label pieces where your labels are posted.


What Thermal Printers Do You Use With UPS Net Transport?

UPS services are compatible with one label printer that you can try is your BEEPRT commercial grade thermal label printer.

If there is another label printer in the list above that you like over the suggested BEEPRT label printer, consider clicking the item link and see if it is UPS compatible. because almost all of them are harmonious. 

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